"Shadowman was originally created by Jim Shooter, Steve Engelhart, and Mike Manley in 1992. When Valiant relaunched in 2012, a new Shadowman series was launched and ran for 16 issues plus a three issue miniseries finale. "Shadowman has a cult following who have been begging for his return to comics. The character is currently appearing in the Rapture event series, which will lead up to a new Shadowman series in 2018. "Shadowman is currently being developed in-house at Valiant before being shopped to studios. The Sean Daniel Company's Sean Daniel and Jason Brown are producing alongside Valiant Entertainment's Dinesh Shamdasani.Shadowman follows Jack Boniface, a New Orleans musician who is imbued with the power of a spirit called a Loa. As the new Shadowman, he must defend the Earth from demonic threats, invasion from the supernatural underworld called the Deadside, and the machinations of his sinister opposite number Master Darque."[1]

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